Meaning of CrossFit!


My tryst with CrossFit

is too easy to list.

For it takes my arms oh so wriggly

only to turn them into complete jelly.

Legs I believed to be strong and firm

today every step on them makes me squirm.

Bones I surely had some time back

are now for sure broken yet, muscles I still lack.

Sometimes I hang on the bar like a chimp

boasting the strong arms while hiding the constant limp!

Other days I speed up to run like a horse

and the next day its the ice pack I endorse.

Then are the times when I hop like a rabbit

only to make it harder when I get to sit.

Then times are there when I crawl like a croc

trying to nail the plank while my head is still in a lock.

A graceful hyena I have turned out to be

for now I am ever ready to laugh right on me.

Human I might be but CrossFit makes me forget

and zoo is the place as my address I have set.

Shiny blisters have replaced my manicure

yet I show up every morning to endure.

Cause every ache and the broken limb

is refining and teaching me discipline.

And strong I get not physically

but in also my resolve,

Cause here is something I truly love

And has made me evolve.

So here is my tryst with CrossFit

as I know and love, in a gist.

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