First impressions are the last impressions. It is only quality that makes a lasting impression. We knew this, we delivered and stood by it.


With the aim of delivering quality and feasibility, Columntribe began its journey. With only few months in the business, we are grateful to all our recurring customers who have not only made Columntribe a domestic brand but also contributed to our global sales.

It is not the delivery of bag, but the delivery of happiness!

Every time a customer buys our bag, the smile that our beautiful collection puts on their faces, their satisfaction of acquiring a one of a kind bag makes our hearts swell with pride and happiness, not because we made a sale but because we acquired a new entrant into our Columntribe family.


Our biggest bestseller is undoubtedly Classic Briefcase, which has reached so many closets and has become an indispensable part of their owners’ daily routines. It just takes one look at this bag to fall in love. This vintage style genuine leather briefcase is not only stylish but also proudly spacious with 10 pockets! This handmade beauty is sturdy with an inner canvas backing to support all your essentials including your laptop and tablet. A perfect bag for your documents, books, electronics, files and journals!



We really would like to thank you for all the love and support that you have given us so far. Thank you for fortifying our belief in quality and appreciating our efforts to deliver you the best. With this determination, we wish to continually grow the family of Columntribe in future as well.



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