Mentoring it easy for female entrepreneurs!

Radhika Gupta

Sometimes to chase your dreams, you need to trust your destiny.


With the aim of getting into the world of online magazines, Elaine Rau, searched through to find Jenny Lezan, founder of Halfstack Magazine. It was her internship at the magazine that opened new avenues for her. Through this internship, Elaine got to cover events that were located around Chicagoland and then write blog posts featuring them.

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Elaine Rau


During this time, Elaine had met a number of entrepreneurs, which intrigued her to the extent that she decided to become one. However, all the entrepreneurs that she had met till that time were surprisingly all males. The absence of women from the entrepreneurial scene combined with her own desire to learn the basics of entrepreneurship made her start a blog on female entrepreneurs.


She had formulated a series of questions about entrepreneurship that she sought answers for, which she would send to current entrepreneurs inquiring how they got to where they did. She would then post them to her blog which began to garner her audience, and thus was born.


She followed this by creating a sales packet for her blog, sent it out to some leads and soon she became an online entrepreneur and there was no looking back. Speaking of her journey so far Elaine says, “There have been a lot of highs and a lot of lows, kind of like a rollercoaster. You just have to keep on learning and keep on tackling the next task. Just start then keep moving, that’s about it!”


She was recently featured in her first book publication, “Unforgettable Faces and Stories: Stories Of New Beginnings” by Eileen Doyon, which marked the first year since the creation of her blog, and was quite an exciting accomplishment!


The motivation behind her entire journey so far is her wish to bring out the success stories of women entrepreneurs from across the world and at the same time motivating others to do the same. Visualizing media as a powerful tool in empowering women and thereby relinquishing all the limiting beliefs surrounding their success.


Ask her about the future and the mentor quickly responds, “I hope to grow LadyBossBlogger into a hub where female entrepreneurs go in order to get resources, learn from other women, and get inspiration. I hope for it to become a household name!” For sure, this is going to be true after all as they say persistence is the key to success!



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