Go for a ride, Six Flags style!

The awesome child

For a pure adrenaline rush and a the heightened sense of adventure, what is better than spending a day in an amusement park. And what better when you get to go the the largest one in your state! Surrounded by all those winding rides and cotton floss and ice cream parlors, I definitely had a day’s visit to my childhood!SF-America-logo

Going after almost a decade back to an amusement park was sure to bring out some elements of surprise! Thankfully all the happy ones, though! Fearing that I might not be comfortable with going on the rides, getting scared by the enormity of the loops and turns of the roller coaster was inevitable!

But by the end of the day, Six Flags surely got me giggling like a happy child!

So, from my experience, here’s presenting 10 tips if you are planning a trip to Six Flags:

  1. Conquer your fears and try all the major roller-coasters especially Kingda-ka and Nitro. Just a matter of minute or two of no feeling in stomach means no regrets later!sfgadv_kingda_03
  2. Even though it is difficult, yet try to keep your head held high and enjoy the view (if you can) with the speed!Batman_The_Ride_at_Six_Flags_Great_Adventure_07.jpg
  3. If short on time then you can give the kiddie rides a miss unless you have kids!
  4. Want a sweet treat? Go order at Rita’s their standard custard and enjoy demolishing the monster!IMG_7270
  5. Feeling hot? Cool down with a go on either of the water rides, Congo Rapids or Saw Mill Log Flume. Enjoy, get drenched and just have fun, after all that’s what you are there for! Also make sure you stay hydrated!SixFlagsWaterRide-3938.jpg
  6. Make sure you scream your lungs out! Best way to double up the fun!
  7. Make sure you sit next to one of your friends on the major roller coasters, you never know when you’ll need to crush your neighbor’s hand!Six_Flags_Great_Adventure_-_Nitro_lifthill.jpg
  8. Load on as much sunscreen as possible unless you’re planning on getting roasted!
  9. Make sure you take some time out from your schedule to go and relax in the safari!
  10. Biggest suggestion, if you wear glasses, you might want to think of shifting to contacts that day!Enjoy your time and follow us on Columntribe! 

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