What it means to be a bride Game of Thrones way!

Her wedding is almost around the corner! But all she can think of is the number of outfits more to shop, cakes to try before finalizing the one, setting up her appointment at the salon, think of all the floral arrangements that she still needs to check and this all she has to do without getting dark circles on her face!


It is no easy feat to be a bride! Here is a list of all that a bride goes through while prepping up for her wedding:


  1. 5 days of celebration means 5 lunches, 5 dinners and breakfasts which amounts to almost 20 outfit changes, 10 hairdos and endless amount of research!giphy.gif
  2. Bride needs to be always prepared for all the relatives ready to climb down her throat going through her trousseau, judging her by her choices and never-ending the other guy was so much better!

giphy (1).gif

  1. Apparently matching every single outfit with the suitable accessories makes you realize that it is a job fit for a wonder woman!giphy (2)
  2. And what’s up with the innuendos! Aunties and Uncles you really need to come up with some brand new sense of humor!When-Your-Friend-Walks-Restaurant-Annoying-Dude-Went-Home-Last-Night
  3. And when things get out of control and you try to sneak out a moment of peace with your groom and get caught by your younger siblings, talk about the war then!q-KjL0
  4. After all this, one girls’ night out with my trusted girlfriends is a big necessity to keep my sanity!QCh20yI
  5. But right when you think everything is under control, you see that Vera Wang has come out with the new bridal collection and that your outfit is now out of trends!635644485070608600-1774531105_gots5
  6. Every single night returning from office with all the impending mails you get a phone call from the wedding planner with a list of new tasks to be handled.


  1. And then your boss all of a sudden informs you that you can’t have the desired days off for the wedding!tumblr_mp0ak8199n1qbsxymo2_500


  1. After all this when the D-Day is here you realize when you look at all that you have pulled off and everything goes smoothly!


  1. AND finally everything is behind you and all you can think of is your honeymoon.tenor


Hope you enjoyed this!


































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