Happy Birthday Lisa Kudrow!

She may be wacky but she is spiffy! But only she can make life easy with her weird worldly wisdom. Yes, Phoebe Buffay can surely give any wise philosopher a run for his money!

Here is a list of all the times Phoebe made so much sense in her nonsense that makes us sure that if we imbibed her wisdom then life is much easier:

  1. The most difficult thing for most is how to say no! But trust Phoebe to say it like a boss!giphy
  2. Only a girl can know the ordeal of finding the perfect man!
  3. The girl truly knows her priorities and does not shy from asserting them either! After all, better said than regret later!CXBr6rtWMAAbFOg
  4. She is her own first love and her love for herself is boundless!5c16d419d28888144c8e47a06e7e2d64--its-a-boy-baby-names
  5. Why beat around the bush when you know how to make perfect sense.635903831320290490-1028440841_images copy
  6. She is a pro at anger management and knows how to deal with potato patato!1499d0a0bccc93b568e72eb76107aeee
  7. There you go all the judgmental people! Uh huh!!0a426a187a4c2d3e193be8fd4f757841
  8. The power of spoken words! You attract what you think! Be positive and attract positive!916a6b684c5166ca520269373caca626
  9. You teach others how to treat you by way of treating yourself that way and her attitude is point on!9673726b1dd080a10f6a89b5cbc8287e--friends-phoebe-friends-tv
  10. Better understand the difference between perennial and transient!810dd0de123d2897c20f746e0488c312--friendship-memes-comedy-quotes

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