Some facts about Harry Potter lovers!

The magical world still attracts us and no matter where in our lives we are, there is still a secret longing that the parallel world exists somewhere.

Bizarre but true facts about all Harry Potter lovers:

  1. All our lives we have eagerly waited for our 11th birthday and wished for an actual letter from Hogwarts to magically appear at our doorstep.giphy
  2. Throughout our school years we have wished to be like Hermione and envied her photographic memory especially during our exams and late night study sessions.giphy (1).gif
  3. Also, all of us have had a crush on either one of the trio, most likely Emma Watson.tumblr_inline_n77fazX8801rfdnle.gif
  4. Oh, for that polyjuice potion, if only we could drink that once and transform ourselves into Brad Pitt or Cindy Crawford for even an hour!Polyjuice_effects.gif
  5. Harry’s first encounter with Mirror of Erised still takes our heart directly to the 11 year old.4824a71f7637.gif
  6. At least some piece of wood in this entire world will have the power of a wand!anigif_enhanced-6072-1464712126-2.gif
  7. All of us have imagined how fantastic ferrets, the bullies we have accosted in our lives, would have made, wand or no wand!tumblr_nssowolKrU1sfmnojo1_500.gif
  8. We have privately dressed up in our robes and performed some magic spells and saved the earth from the dark lord!f67b533138895a4670a10ac1c9505890006d317c_hq.gif
  9. We have taken numerous online quizzes in order to find out what form our patronus would have assumed and lets no talk about the houses we would have been sorted in!tenor.gif
  10. Wingardium Leviosa, the magical words that never fail to bring a smile onto our thanks to the squabble between Ron and Hermione.tumblr_oj0d8iT8St1vjgxh2o1_540.gif
  11. And finally, the series always fosters our faith in true love and friendship and the world is good again.



After all this talk of Harry Potter another round of binge watch is ensued!

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