Might as well think again before you call them mentally challenged!

Radhika Gupta

It takes a great deal to always keep the smile on your face intact without letting it falter even at the biggest of provocations. If life throws lemons at you, make lemonade. Easier said than done. Living life is nothing less than an art but again only understood by few and implemented by even fewer.

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Often irrevocably tagged to be mentally challenged, sometimes even called “less lucky” but only those who know them as family understand their specialty. The special ones are often not perfect and this imperfection makes them truly invincible.



Skeptical may say that it is easier for them to live so freely because their world is not tormented by taxes, responsibilities, bills and burdens. True! But can even the most intellectual ones imagine their life even for one day in their shoes? Who is more handicapped- a person with partially developed brain but God-gifted zest for life or a person in spite of having a fully developed brain struggling with depression and identity crisis? A simple insight into their world-it is a rose garden carved out of thorns. They don’t have to worry about taxes or bills because they are busy looking at the roses in spite of the thorns. Their faces are turned towards sunshine while the “fortunate” ones are still lurking in the shadows.

They are busy looking at the roses in spite of the thorns, counting their victories everyday!


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Nalin (center) with his family

He may not be able to calculate the income tax return but Nalin Gupta is adept at multiplying the love you give him by a million before showering you with it. Life of a party, calling him jovial would be an understatement. This guy is a true extrovert in his own regard. He may not have the best speech articulation but he can give the best orator a run for his money through his expressive and talkative eyes!

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Slightly limp and can barely walk a couple of steps without help, he still has the courage of shielding his family out of harm’s way. Loyalty is his biggest virtue and eyes that twinkle with the most unbelievable mischiefs, he can get away with all his naughty endeavors with that million-dollar smile that he always has ready on his lips!


Manish Jain

Manish Jain is a true connoisseur of food. Man of the house knows how to be a guardian, a perfect host and also, if need be, an all-rounder. Make sure you are well prepared before you crack a conversation with him because this man knows how to keep himself updated about everything. No problem if he can’t read a newspaper, he still knows most of what is happening around him.

What makes him truly special is the fact that he will always make you feel welcome in his house. Nothing can escape him and he will take care of the finest of details. Excellent communication skills and mater of various trades, his laugh never fails to reach his eyes.

In spite of all the hardships their life surrounds them with, they come out as winners. Lucky are the ones who are a part of their regular life because the special ones can make even the hardest of times look like the simpler ones. Undoubtedly, every single day brings a new challenge but they have mastered the art of counting the victories rather than the problems.



Only the gullible can be fooled by their mental health because their acumen rises way above them all. Call them handicapped, call them challenged but they will have the last laugh when you will be engrossed within your own battles of solitude!

8 thoughts on “Might as well think again before you call them mentally challenged!

  1. I used to teach Special Education before the my bipolar symptoms became too severe to teach. I always loved teaching and working with my students and helping others of all ability levels. I used to say I got pad to give love becasue truthfully, that is what I did.


  2. Awesome. Though need extra care but at the end worth it when you see the smile and a naughty twinkle in their eyes


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