From the heart of a cappuccino lover!

Radhika Gupta

Only a true tea-lover understands the importance of the morning cuppa! Another cup in the evening and life is sorted. But when the search for the daily dose of caffeine makes a tea lover confront coffee, the battle is inevitable.


From there begins the quest for the perfect cup. After endless searches on the Internet and trying every type of coffee-Americano, espresso, mocha, latte, coffee made with freshly ground beans, instant coffee, the search for the perfection ended at cappuccino.


Delicate swirls of frothy milk beautifully waltzing through the crisp layers of brewed coffee to awaken your senses with its sensational warmth! Coffee for cherubs!

Here is a list of all the cappuccino we have tried so far:

  1. The ubiquitous Starbucks: Easy to find, easy to get! To satisfy the immediate desire, the option is highly feasible.


  1. Panera: Closest to me and pretty cheap! The size of the cup was the best! Best takeout after gym.


  1. Amorino: When you get the cinnamon stick along with it, you are bound to fall in love! Also, no need to forget the most gorgeous rose ever!


  1. Doughnut Plant: Good coffee but unfortunately when you end up at a place like this, doughnut does outshine every other thing!


  1. Lavazza: The best cappuccino ever! Hearty coffee! Each sip just beautifully speaks out volumes of flavor. Best cup ever!


  1. Finally homemade cappuccino: For those days when you café trips are just impossible! Fortunately, a cup is ready within 5 minutes and the taste, impeccable (Modesty aside!)


7. Finally on public demand Le Colombe Torrefaction: A cool, beautiful coffee shop in the middle of NYC! The best part was the rustic cups which compel the coffee lovers, no matter how much hurry they are in, to stay and have an in-house cup! Adding to it is the quaint red bricks interior. One sip is enough to take you back to childhood where there were no phones or mails to distract from the simple pleasures of life. Perfect way to say stop and smell the coffee!!


So this is Columntribe’s list of all sources of cappuccino tried by us so far. Share with us other sources and join us in the quest of finding the one-stop for the best java cup!



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